Monday, October 15, 2018

On Thursday, October 12th our class had the opportunity to spend the day at City of Rocks in Almo, Idaho.   We rocked climbed, hiked, laughed, and had an amazing time.  Though it was cold out, and we experienced our first snow, I was told by a number of kids that this was their favorite fieldwork ever. 

Mr. and Mrs. A met us there and gave our kids a lesson on rock climbing.  They demonstrated safety protocols and were with us the entire time.  Ask your child to explain what belaying is to you.  You might learn something new. 

After lunch we sat on a rock and worked on haiku poems.  We laughed a lot at how funny these turned out.  Here is an example of one:

                                                       Writing on a rock
                                             Freezing in the wind and rain
                                                       I want to go home

When we were finished with the poems, we went on a two mile hike.  By this time the snow and rain had stopped and the sun came out.  We hiked all the way to Bath Rock, and almost the entire time I had kids making up haiku poems as we walked. 

Thank you so much for all of our volunteers and drivers.  We couldn't have done this without you.  Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. A.  We appreciate all the help, and encouragement along the way. 

Before we left to come home, Mr. A told me that rock climbing is harder than any math class he had ever done and I believe it.   Our class did it!  Though they faced challenges and fears, they didn't give up.  I am so proud at how brave they all were.       

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Get Ready, Get Set, Go.....

I hope you are enjoying the last few week of summer.  I know my family and I are squeezing every second out of summer we can get. 

There may be some of you wondering about supply lists and Back to School night.  The school sent out an email about B2S Night details along with attachments for supply lists.  I'm going to give you that information as well.

This year, instead of filling out a paper information form in my classroom, I have created a Google form to collect the information I need that the school can't supply me.  I'll have some computers at B2S Night so you can fill it out there, but if you would like a head start, you can fill out that form now.  Here is the link:  Student Information Form .

B2S Night will be held on Wednesday, Aug 15 from 5:30 to 7:30.
Yearbook and ID pictures will be taken that day so all students need to wear their school uniform.
The school uniform policy has been updated, make sure you check that out here:  School Uniform Update

If you have purchased items from the supply list, you can bring them to class on B2S Night. I'll have a system in place for sorting the supplies. Hopefully this makes your first day back at school a  little less hectic.

Here is my supply list divided by items your student will use and items that the crew will use.  Please label all person use items with your child's name.

For Student/Personal Use:
12 or more Ticonderoga pencils
12 count Crayola Colored Pencils
10 count Crayola Markers
1 pink or white eraser
1 handheld pencil sharpener
1 pencil bag to fit all the above items
1 folder with 3 prongs and 2 pockets for homework
1 paint shirt (old and big)
1 small backpack
1 spill proof water bottle

Optional Donations For Class Use
Paper Towels
Antibacterial Wipes
White liquid glue
Glue sticks
Pencil top erasers
Package of white copy paper

I look forward to seeing you on the 15th.  If you have any questions, you can email me or save them for that night.  See you soon!

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

What Knot To Do, Culminating Event


We are going to have an VERY exciting day tomorrow.  
We are going to turn the classroom into “Tent City” with our rope tying skills.  

TOMORROW, students should bring to school: 

  • sheets (these are easier to tie up than blankets) 
  • blanket 
  • pillows (pillow pets are ok, but no stuffed animals) 
  • healthy snacks (crackers, fruit, cheese, granola bars, pumpkin seeds) 
  • WATER (no soda or sugary drinks, every year we have a spill and water is so much easier to clean up instead of  Gatorade or apple juice) 
  • chapter books (or get one out of the class library. 

  • OPTIONAL:  LONG lengths of PVC pipe, dowels, or branches (about 4 to 6 ft in length)

Whatever they bring to school, they should have the ability to carry out (so really, one garbage bag sized load is enough, they don’t need to bring every blanket you own). If they bring long "poles", I'll help them out.

The Read-a-thon then be held inside our tents for the remainder of the day (with breaks).

Monday, May 21, 2018

Mega Celebration

Thanks for coming out to support your student during the Art Show at the Mega Celebration!
It was great seeing their smiling faces and seeing their excitement as they ran through the school grounds.  It was a sacrifice for many of you to venture to the school on a Saturday, but I'm so happy you did. It was a huge success!

On Thursday, October 12th our class had the opportunity to spend the day at City of Rocks in Almo, Idaho.   We rocked climbed, hiked, laughe...